At Willow Tree, students are assessed in each of the core academic skill areas using multiple measures. These measures include portfolio assessment, using samples of each child’s main lesson work, various pieces of art, and practice papers. Evaluation rubrics and any mandated state standardized tests are all part of the data used to assess student progress and achievement.

All Willow Tree students will demonstrate “academic mastery” in core academic areas. Portfolios are assessed according to school-wide rubrics with input from the class teacher and specialty teachers across all content areas. “Mastery” for special needs and Limited English Proficient (LEP) students are defined appropriately according to their Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and English proficiency levels.

Student progress and development are carefully monitored and formally reported to parents. Mid-term and year-end reports on the child are prepared and given to the parents. While mid-year reporting highlights the child’s progress to date, the year-end report includes an overview of the year stating what was taught during each learning block. The second part of the report is a written narrative of the child, describing academic performance, social and emotional development, and artistic expression. The child’s strengths and achievements are highlighted, and areas for further development needed are identified and addressed. The third part of the report includes a skill area rubric, aligned with the common core academic standards.