Perhaps more than in any other approach to education, an understanding of the developing child should inform all aspects of the curriculum. Using the common core state standards, our teachers guide their students through project and theme based units.  This enables the teachers to meet each child and differentiate their teaching to the meet each of their students’ needs.

Willow Tree’s common core standards-based, arts-integrated curriculum recognizes how much children change from year to year. Our program ensures that the material presented by the teacher—and how it is presented—follows the common core state standards and is developmentally attuned to the appropriate age at every grade level. The learning process is not rushed and is differentiated in order to meet the needs of each individual student. Our students are provided with imagery, narrative and activities to nurture their imagination and sense of wonder.

Through the extent of the grades, the curriculum at Willow Tree remains attuned to the cognitive, psychosocial, and kinesthetic phases of the spiral of child development.