The fourth graders begin to form their own personality in response to their experience of the world, consciously choosing those qualities that will go into their characters.

Language Arts:  Stories of heroes, giants and brave adventurers who go out to explore the world. Against the backdrop of these stories, the writing skills of composition, grammar and spelling are further honed. Class readers are explored and studied which enrich the geography, social sciences, and history blocks.

Math:  The fourth grade child begins the year with a firm foundation in working with whole numbers using the four processes. The children learn to add, subtract, multiply, reduce and expand fractions, and to change improper fractions into mixed numbers.

History and Social Studies:  the curriculum examines the historical development and diversity of human society locally and throughout the state. The child develops a sense for the world of the indigenous Californians, the Spanish explorers, the first missions, and the period of the Gold Rush.

Geography: The child’s growing ability to regard with objectivity her/his environment is developed through the study of local geography. They study and make maps of the classroom, the school, the neighborhood, the city, and state (with the curriculum adapted to the local geography and history of the area around their school). The goal of the geography curriculum is to engender an understanding of the interrelatedness of human activity and the local physical conditions of the earth.

Science: Guided by the Next Generation Science Standards, Zoology is introduced, and grows out of a descriptive study of the human being and our place in nature. Through detailed study of the forms and habitats of animals, the children begin to get a feeling for the fascinating assortment of skills, qualities and adaptations that the animals possess. This detailed study offers opportunities for the child to develop comparative, conceptual, and observational skills, and it provides additional material for artistic, dramatic, and language arts activities.