Fifth graders are enthusiastic about learning, eager for new challenges, and capable of hard work and creativity.  They stand perfectly balanced at a point in their development that places them at ease in the world, harmonious in themselves and in their environment.

Language Arts: Writing, speaking, reading, and grammar are key elements of Language Arts instruction. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and the use of active and passive voice are included.

Math: More work with fractions and the introduction of decimals as another form of fractions are a mainstay of the Fifth Grade curriculum. The class is also introduced to the coordinate plane and the metric system. The students begin a relationship to geometric forms by drawing them by hand without the use of any tools, striving for accuracy and beauty.

Science: Botany is the main scientific study, with emphasis on photosynthesis, categories of plants from fungi to flowering plants, experiments and observation of the growth process, and the world’s climate zones. The Next Generation Science Standards guide all lessons in order to help the 5th grade student gain a better understanding of the world around them.

History and Social Studies: Grade five presents the story of the development of the nation, with emphasis on the period up to 1800. This creation of a new nation that would be peopled by immigrants from all parts of the globe and governed by institutions influenced by a number of religions, the ideals of the Enlightenment, and concepts of self-government. Students continue to develop the civic and economic skills they will need as citizens in fifth grade, especially as they learn about the nation’s foundational documents. Students examine the human and physical geography of the United States by studying past and present-day maps of the United States and identifying connections with geography and the ethnic, linguistic, and religious settlement patterns that shaped the new nation.