Enrollment Process:

1. Contact the school office and speak with the Program Lead at: 442-232-2900, or email us at info@willowtreelearning.org. It is very important that families understand the Waldorf curriculum and the program that our school offers. One of our school tour can help you learn about our program.
2. After March 18th, we will no longer be accepting applications for the lottery. After the lottery has occurred on March 23rd, we will accept applications for our wait list. You will be given a spot on our waitlist on a first come – first serve basis. Placement will occur if someone who was given a spot does not complete their enrollment paperwork within seven days.


The Waldorf-methods curriculum followed at Willow Tree is based on a developmental model that is directly linked to the age of the student. Below is our grade assignment by student age (birth date) policy for the Fall Enrollment, which represents the typical guidelines for each year’s enrollment process.


Kindergarten 5 years or older by August 1st
First Grade 6 years or older by August 1
Second Grade 7 years or older by August 1
Third Grade 8 years or older by August 1
Fourth Grade 9 years or older by August 1
Fifth Grade 10 years or older by August 1


Students will be enrolled or considered for the lottery in each class according to the above chart. Parental concerns about potential grade placement must be submitted in writing with the student’s application for Administrator consideration.

Enrollment Admissions Policy

The lottery is held as required by law and according to our school’s charter, with preference given in the following order:

1. Presently enrolled students
2. Siblings of currently enrolled students
3. All other students residing in California

An applicant will stay on the appropriate waiting list for the year for which you applied, after which time you need to update your application if you are still interested in having your child at our school. Our open enrollment period was August 15, 2015 through March 18, 2016.

We also expect families to be in compliance with SB277, a vaccination requirement for students (1) entering Kindergarten for the first time, (2) entering 7th grade, (3) transferring from out-of-state, or (4) who do not already have a PBE (personal belief exemption) on file with a California school as on December 31, 2015. Full details can be found at: www.shotsforschool.org.


For more information or questions, please call the office and speak to our Program Lead at 442-232-2900, or email at info@willowtreelearning.org